Kathryn 'Kat' Penno

Founder, Hearing Collective

Kat Penno founded the Hearing Collective to give clients a collective of hearing healthcare services and resources in one location.


Additionally Kat wanted to ensure quality, easy to read content and awareness was produced about audiological services, communication, hearing loss, balance and hearing technologies. Kat believes sharing evidenced based knowledge in a timely and easy to read/use manner is crucial for knowledge translation and understanding, to everyone.

Kat is interested in collaborative health care services, online healthcare service deliveries, and integrative smart technologies that allow clients and healthcare providers to access health care at home or on the go, where ever they need it.


If you would like to collaborate or you need hearing healthcare content created, shoot Kat an email: Hello@hearingcollective.com.

To find out more about Kat's credentials visit her linked in profile here.


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Kat's current favourites:

Favourite pieces of tech: Garmin vivoactive music, Garmin edge 820, pioneer power meter, Bose quiet 35 over the ear headphones, Voice technology.

Favourite apps: Podcasts (spotify, castbox), Training peaks, Strava + Garmin connect, social media apps

Follow HC on social media: Facebook (@HearingCollective) and Twitter (@OnlineHearingCo and @KatPenno)

Favourite foods: Thai and Mexican, always adding extra chillies

Favourite podcasts: How I built this with Guy Raz, Humans of Purpose, Triple J (Hack), Voice First Health with Teri Fisher, The Voicebot Podcast with Brett Kinsella & The Economist Radio (the weekly round up), Life matters (ABC RN), Under the skin (with Russell Brand), Conversations (ABC RN), HBR Ideacast - to name a few.

Favourite reads: journal articles on hearing health and telehealth plus auto-biographies (numerous reads on the go at once).