Vocal cord fatigue: Survival guide by MoveMedics

Updated: Dec 24, 2018

Christmas and the festive season are certainly times for celebratory drinks, listening to loud music, going out to Christmas functions and raising your voices to talk over all the music and noise. During this busy social time of year your vocal cords certainly get a work out!

That's why Hearing Collective and MoveMedics have combined powers to present 2 easy to read (and print off infographics that can easily fit inside a Chrissy card) that can be used year round for 2 areas of the body that are usually forgotten and not taken care of. To check out how to improve your auditory or listening fatigue, check out Hearing Collective easy to read guide here.

Selina Tannenberg is the Founder and Principal Physiotherapist of MoveMedics. MoveMedics aim to help you Be Free in Your Movement. Find out more details about MoveMedics here or shoot me an email and I can introduce you.

Both infographics are designed to be printed off from your home printer and pinned to the office, home or community notice boards. Share the advice and love!

Best wishes for a jolly and healthy festive season, thanks for your support and sharing Hearing Collective's message of Personalised online hearing health care.

Hears 2 ears, Cheers Kat Penno

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