Personalised Hearing healthcare as usual @ Hearing Collective; during Corona Virus pandemic

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Telehealth or Video consults has been the primary service delivery model for Hearing Collective. Prior to the corona virus and social distancing enforcements, I saw the value and need for utilisation of this service. Here are reasons why telehealth is more than just business as usual at Hearing Collective, it's one of the most flexible and accessible ways for you and your family to access Hearing Healthcare from an audiologist.

Benefits of a Hearing Collective consult:

1. Comfort of access; you can take your video consult from the comfort of your bed, your couch or your study nook at home. As long as you are in a quiet environment with no distractions, and preferably a carpeted or room with a rug, this will make for a more sound friendly or acoustically friendly environment (one you can hear better in). I recommend no tiles, cement or floor boards if possible.

2. Less stress. You don't need to worry about finding a parking spot, making sure your meter doesn't run out, sitting anxiously in the waiting room, your clinician running over time having to utilise public transport to get to the appointment to name a few reasons. Telehealth appointments via Hearing Collective mean you can click on a link at the time of your appointment and enter the 'video' consult room.

3. Cost effective. Like point 2, having your appointments online means you save money on your travel and parking costs.

4. Access hearing healthcare from anywhere - there is one caveat here. You need to have a network, wifi or broadband connection. For example, you can access your video consult from your mobile phone (if you can Facetime via Facebook or Skype off your mobile, you can undertake a video consult via Hearing Collective), laptop if there is a camera available, computer or tablet.

5. Reduced transmission of germs. During corona virus or covid19, accessing telehealth is a safer method of accessing healthcare and wellness. As you are in your own home and your healthcare practitioner in their own space, you are stopping the spread of germs between vicinities by undertaking telehealth consults.

** Additionally, if your appointments do not have to be face to face, after the corona virus pandemic, you may consider accessing your hearing healthcare via video consults. This can go for your physiotherapy, speech pathology, dental and psychological appointments. These are all available online via the health professional (email me for a list of telehealth providers via my hearing screening form here).

What’s stopping you?

Accessing healthcare via video consults can be a daunting experience. I believe the first video consult can be quite unusual, but a liberating experience.

Here is how the Hearing Collective online process works:

You go to and select the service type you're looking for & complete the booking process. You will then receive an email with a payment link and forms to complete. You access your appointment at step 3 via a personalised link that is automatically generated every time you need an appointment. This link is a one off, secure way to access the video call. You can click the link via your mobile or other camera enabled device.

After the appointment you will receive your personalised hearing healthcare plan and report. Step 5 takes you back to step 1, As needed should you require review appointments or follow ups.

Payment needs to be taken prior to consults to confirm you booking. You will receive an itemised receipt at the time of payment and with your report. You can use this receipt to claim any benefits from your private health insurer (policy details and information will depend on what level of cover you have and your policy T&C, please check with your insurance fund).

Your first telehealth appointment is liberating as you realise the benefits and become more comfortable with a video consult; as opposed to a traditional clinical appointment. I am not saying there isn't a need for face to face consults, on the contrary. Telehealth is a suitable, evidence based option of care that one can access, during corona virus and after. In fact, there is a large telehealth movement of allied health professionals and medico's that has been growing since 2010, if not before. You can check out some long term game changers at GP2U, Tele-dentristry via ViDe, Tele-physiotherapy via and Tele-speech therapy via (to name a few trailblazers in this field). The biggest difference in seeing more and more clinicians come online is the development of technologies making safe, secure consults more accessible and financially viable. Additionally, when push comes to shove, during times of crisis, we pivot and adapt to ensure we can serve our clients and the safety of our communities in a smarter and more accessible manner.

Telehealth is certainly more relaxed, still professional and still personal (without that impending feeling that the clinician has a waiting room full of clients waiting to see them). Please review our FAQ section or email me your questions. Always happy to help or point you in the right direction if I can.

Hears 2 ears, Cheers Kat Penno

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