How to hear better this Christmas

The festive season can be a challenging time. We may feel the pressure to buy gifts, spend time with people, drive people places, see everyone and do as much as we can to ensure we meet societal/family/work/individual expectations when it comes to this time of year.

To help ease some of those frustrations or pain points when at these social gatherings, I have compiled a list of listening tips to help ease the challenge of missing the conversation. This is by no means a definitive list! The tips presented here are ones I often repeat to my clients (new or existing) and hope you or your loved ones may find these helpful.

Ps. The most common miscommunication faux-pas I hear is the behaviours one. This never gets old to me. I love educating people on how we expect people to communicate and what we actually do in real life, especially at home.

Please share this link around and download it the PNG and stick it on the fridge at home!

All the best for a healthy, filling and loving festive season.

Thank you for your support, it's be an interesting 2019. With thanks, Kat Penno

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