1. Online Booking

Book an online appointment via the secure links on the HC site. 'Book an online consultation'

2. Complete Forms

After booking an appointment, complete the forms emailed to your account. Then email them back to your audiologist, along with any relevant results or referrals.

3. Secure Online Payment

Follow the link in your email to pay for and confirm your online consult. This link will also connect you to your audiologist. No downloads needed.

4. Online Appointment

Complete your online audiological appointment in the comfort of your own space. All you need is internet connectivity & a smart device

5. Hearing Health Care Plan

Your personalised HHC plan will be emailed to your account.

Hearing Collective screening

Hearing Collective provides an online hearing screening tool to help you begin your Hearing Health Care journey. Like any screening tool, the results from this check are to get the ball rolling and give our audiologists a starting point to help build your personalised Hearing Health Care plan and recommendations.


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