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Group Bonding

HC team strives to provide personable, independent, online hearing health care solutions, at your convenience. 

Hearing Collective, Our Goal


To improve and promote audiological access, awareness and education regarding ear health, hearing prevention & protection, hearing loss, balance disorders, connectedness and hearing technologies for all, no matter where they are based.

Hearing Collective,

Our Mission 

Team work

HC values transparency, honesty, quality and collaborative online health care solutions for everyone. 


Accessibility and inclusivity are key factors that motivate our impact and respect and equity drive our mission.

Hearing Collective,

Our Values


HC has been founded to allow convenient access to audiological care in a personable, accessible and timely manner. Age, time, stigma, cost, stress & family care are some of the reasons HC was founded. 


Audiological services are rarely a forethought for many people. In fact, we know people who have been diagnosed with a hearing loss wait 7 to 10 years to manage it, basically most people wait till they can't cope. Till their families are frustrated and they don't want to go out to events. HC aims to reduce this wait time to ensure hearing loss is managed earlier, better and more conveniently.


HC aims to collaborate with like minded healthcare professionals to ensure we offer and refer when needed.

Hearing Collective 

Online Hearing Solutions 

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