FAQ: Hearing Collective answers

What is an online appointment?

An online appointment is where you take your appointment from the location of your choice via your smart device connected to the internet or Wi-fi. The audiologist does exactly the same. Other names for online appointments which mean the same thing include; virtual consults / appointments, tele-health, tele-audiology or tele-medicine appointments / consults.

What do I need to conduct an online appointment?

If you've got the following you're ready to undertake an online consult:

  1. A smart device (Smart mobile, tablet, iPad, laptop or computer with camera/web cam, speaker & headphones)
  2. An internet connection or Wi-Fi access that can support video calling. For example, if you are able to do a Facebook, FaceTime or Skype call you are able to do an online appointment. A few other factors will need to be considered if we need to do any uploads (images or referral letters).
  3. A quiet environment e.g. living room

Is an online appointment right for me?

Do you find it stressful, tricky or a hassle to attend appointments around work or life schedules? Is it stressful worrying about finding a car park and then paying for parking? Do you live in a rural or remote area? Do you find it stressful, difficult or annoying to find parking when attending your hearing appointment? Do you want to spend more time doing the things you like and sort out your hearing health concerns quicker than going to a traditional clinic? Are you time poor? Do you want get answers or recommendations quicker, than having to wait for an appointment? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then an online appointment may be suited to your needs. Online appointments are quickly evolving in every health care profession (physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech-language therapists and dentists can be found offering online consultations). This does not mean that the traditional bricks and mortar clinics are disappearing, it simply means that you have choices in how, when and where you can access your health care. Online consults can be a stress free, engaging and good way to access professional audiological services online. Shoot hello@hearingcollective.com an email if you have any questions and we are happy to guide or help you out. If your concerns are beyond the safety of an online consult we will refund your consutlation fee.

Are online appointments safe?

Yes. All online appointments are conducted via encrypted, secure connections. Any data shared with or collected by Hearing Collective is securely stored. Hearing Collective online consults are conducted using secure telehealth connections. This means that all data, video and audio that is exchanged is encrypted using DTLS-SRTP between the participants. In terms of safety to the user, HC offers professional audiological advice, recommendations and referrals based on the information provided by the user engaging our services. We assume the user information that is shared is done so in a truthful and honest matter, or to the best of your ability, to ensure ethical conduct on both parties' behalf.

How does an audiological online appointment work?

1. Book an online appointment that suits you. You can do this by clicking on the 'Book appointment' buttons on HC website. 2. Once you have chosen a booking you will need to complete some hearing health care questions. These questions are submitted to your audiologist prior to the online appointment. This ensures maximum face time to provide appropriate solutions or recommendations. 3. Confirm your appointment by paying prior to the consult and following the secure link to the appointment. 4. Attend online appointment with audiologist. 5. HC will send you an electronic (PDF) report of your hearing health care plan, any recommendations discussed in the online appointment and any reminders for a follow up consult. 6. Follow up appointments as needed.

What is the Hearing Collective screening tool?

Hearing Collective offers a basic screening tool to gauge how you feel your hearing is going. A screening tool is not a substitute for a full audiological assessment or medical diagnosis. We may recommend you seek medical advice or attend a full audiological assessment. An online screening tool is a good way to obtain baseline results to help monitor or start your hearing health care journey.

What payment method is used by Hearing Collective?

We use Stripe as our payment gateway. We do not store any payment information. Once payment has been recieved and confirmed, your online consult can be done. Please understand that HC cannot begin your consult until payment has been cleared.

Do rebates apply to my online consult?

Medicare & DVA does not currently provide any rebates towards online consults, rest assured we are striving to make this happen. Similarly, your private health insurance may/may not provide rebates for your online audiological or hearing consults. Please advocate with us by taking your receipt to them to request rebates for these types of consultations. If they already provide rebates that is an excellent!